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Finlay Management, Inc. Chooses New President and Chief Operating Officer

MIAMI, Fla.-– Finlay Management, Inc., a private multifamily property management firm with offices in Florida, Texas, and South Carolina, has announced the appointment of Holly Costello as president and chief operating officer. Costello is a 25-year veteran of the multifamily real estate industry and has held executive-level positions with some of the nation’s leading property […]

Affordable Housing – It’s time to shake it up.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, the American dream was to own a modest home in which to raise a family. This was more than a dream; it was an assumption, an expectation. Even the lowest-income workers aimed for and usually achieved, this dream. Not anymore. There is a tremendous last of affordable housing. Millions of our working families cannot even afford a rental apartment.

Lloyd Jones Capital Expands Into NYC

Lloyd Jones Capital has opened an office here and has brought on two managing directors to oversee the local effort. The Miami-based, private equity real estate firm, which specializes in the multifamily sector, has hired Stephanie O’Mara and Steven Druth.

Skip the Flip in Multifamily Investment

It’s time to go long.

Historically, multifamily investment has been about long-term, cash-flow returns. However, in recent years, as the industry caught the eye of private equity, the emphasis turned to a property’s IRR or Internal Rate of Return.

Multifamily Investments Less Risk, Higher Yields

As global interest rates plunge and bank yields continue to decline, investors are looking to multifamily assets for greater returns. Lloyd Jones Capital CEO Chris Finlay tells Bisnow that a direct multifamily investment can earn up to 8% in returns with minimal downside risk—a plus considering recent financial market volatility amidst the Brexit fallout.

Is It Time To Keep Your Money Under The Mattress?

Wait…There’s a better solution. Interest rates are plunging around the world; some are even closing below zero. And with negative and minimal inflation, the real interest rates are also pushing 0%. A June 9th Financial Times article on negative rates stated “Lenders in Europe and Japan are rebelling against their central banks’ negative interest rate policies with […]