Investment Division

The Lloyd Jones Investment Division includes a highly skilled team of acquisition specialists, financial analysts, and experienced directors. We are highly selective. We look for cash-flowing assets that are undercapitalized or poorly managed but offer value-add and possible rehabilitation potential. We underwrite 100 properties to find one that meets our acquisition criteria. We have been doing this successfully for many years.

Advantages of Multifamily Real Estate Investment

  • Cash flow.  Multifamily real estate provides a steady, dependable cash flow.
  • Potential capital appreciation. You should get back more than you invest.
  • Tax benefits.  Check with your tax accountant to determine your particular situation.
  • Stability.  Real estate does not experience the roller coaster fluctuations of the stock market.
  • Hedge against interest rate increases. We lock in an initial rate at acquisition.
  • Hedge against inflation. Your property value increases with inflation.
  • Diversification. Uncorrelated to stock and bond markets, real estate balances your investment portfolio unaffected by corporate earnings reports and market whims.

Who Can Invest with Lloyd Jones?

Lloyd Jones investments are open to a variety of investor groups, including:

Institutional Investors

Family Offices

Accredited Investors

Track Record

Lloyd Jones and its predecessor companies are responsible for approximately $780 million in development and investment properties. Over the past 10 years, our realized IRR has averaged 32.09% with equity multiple of 2.13x.