Our community operations are inspired by our VibeLife attitude, a threefold philosophy:

  1. Inspire team members to make a difference in the lives of those around them
  2. Improve the lives of residents, neighbors, and local community
  3. Support the greater community through green initiatives, energy conservation, volunteer opportunities and more

VibeLife is built on the premise of creating the best possible community life for everyone. Some of our flagship, value-add benefits are:

  • Technology training and resources for connected living
  • Fitness classes designed to promote resident health and well-being
  • Eco-friendly services, including recycling facilities, sustainable landscaping and reduced waste
  • Community integration, facilitating local volunteer opportunities and supporting small businesses

To supplement our daily VibeLife culture, each property organizes a significant event every quarter: bring in tax consultants to help residents with taxes; organize a volunteer opportunity at local hospital; participate in a town/beach clean-up day. Maybe we take a group to paint a home for an elderly shut in.  All kinds of possibilities, and we look to our residents for ideas.