A Welsh Legacy

The name Lloyd Jones was chosen to honor our founder’s Welsh great-grandfather, Alfred Lloyd, and grandfather, Hugh Jones. Lloyd was a master builder and mayor of Flint, a town in northeast Wales, and Jones was the owner of the local foundry. Both were highly respected businessmen and community leaders, and the family reputation for sound business practices and strong work ethic created an undeniable legacy for Chris Finlay from the time he was a boy. The Welsh dragon symbolizes this proud heritage that continues to inspire Chris and his team in the work that they do for their partners, investors and residents.


Chris Finlay began investing in real estate.


The Finlay companies were established:

  • Commercial real estate brokerage
  • Real estate appraisal firm
  • Property management firm

Late 1980s Recession 

The Finlay companies became a significant asset manager for the FDIC, RTC, and numerous financial institutions.


Finlay Development was established and was ultimately ranked among the top five producers of Low Income Housing Tax Credit properties (the original “workforce housing” program). The company developed approximately forty multifamily and senior housing communities.

Finlay Management continued to grow to accommodate the expanding multifamily portfolio.

  • Became experts in tax credit compliance
  • Developed proprietary lease-up programs for senior housing
  • Created unique marketing programs to ensure high occupancies

2008 Great Recession

Recognizing a new opportunity for multifamily investment, Chris Finlay and a family member began accumulating a portfolio of apartment communities for their own account.


Building on his investment success, Chris Finlay created Lloyd Jones Capital to offer third-party investors an opportunity to participate in the proven investment strategy.


Lloyd Jones Capital and Finlay Management, Inc. merge to create Lloyd Jones.