Develop. Acquire. Improve. Manage.

And keep rents affordable to working families and seniors.

Capitalizing on the exponential demand for both workforce and senior housing, we have cultivated a focused strategy to develop, acquire, improve, and manage multifamily communities throughout Florida, Texas, and the Southeast.  Not only does our strategy improve the lives of working families and seniors, it also provides strong, consistent returns for our investors.

Market-Driven Acquisitions

We leverage our deep understanding of our target markets to seek out high-potential, yield-driven investment opportunities in both workforce and senior housing.

  • Pro-business policies, employment opportunities, and low state taxes are driving corporations and households to Florida, Texas, and the Southeast.
  • Warm weather, low costs of living, and tax advantages drive seniors south.
  • The impending senior boom (10,000 new retirees every day) is creating a demand for appropriate housing.
  • All demographics are increasingly seeking rental housing for increased flexibility and reduced home maintenance.

Resident-Driven Improvements

We look for underperforming properties in good neighborhoods; properties built after 1980 in need of aesthetic and amenity upgrades. We then seek to maximize each property’s value. Improvements go beyond the bricks and mortar. They include enhancements and amenities that provide meaningful social impact.

  • Changing to energy-efficient mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems
  • Upgrading unit and clubhouse interiors, especially kitchens and flooring
  • Creating enhanced open spaces and common areas
  • Adding lifestyle amenities and eco-friendly services
  • Introducing community activities and event programming
  • Managing from an owner’s perspective with an eye on expenses

Results-Driven Management

Management is the key to a successful investment. Drawing on our four decades in the property management business, we know how to turn properties around, create attractive living environments affordable to median-income families, and how to make them profitable for our investors.